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Command failed Check log error 4769 when loading a Kodak i600 series scan source after installing the Kofax VRS 4.5 Component Installer


QAID # 12426 Published

Question / Problem:

After installing the Component Installer for the Kodak i600 series scanner, why do I receive the error message:

“Error 20235 – KODAK i600 driver returned an error (-4769): Command failed – check log”

when attempting to scan in VCDemo?

Answer / Solution:

This error is caused by an incompatibility between the Kofax ISIS Component Installer and the scanner firmware version 03.00.03. Upgrading the Kodak i600 scanner firmware to version 4.0.3 will resolve this issue.

To determine the firmware version that is installed on the scanner:

  1. In VCDemo, load the scanner source. Then select Advanced Properties from the Source menu.
  2. In the VRS Interactive viewer, select Scanner Driver Settings from the Tools menu.
  3. Select the About tab. The firmware version will be listed in the Device Information box.

If the firmware version is version 03.00.03 or older, it should be upgraded to version 4.0.3.

Kodak i600 firmware version 4.0.3 can be downloaded from the Kodak Alaris Web site.
For more information about installing this firmware upgrade, please contact Kodak Tech Support.

NOTE: It may be necessary to reinstall the i600 series ISIS Component Installer after upgrading the firmware.

Applies to:

Product  Version  Category
VRS 4.5 Scanner
Scanner Make  Scanner Model
Kodak i610
Kodak i620
Kodak i640
Kodak i660