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Determine whether scanner is a Panasonic KV-S1057C or a Panasonic KV-S1057C MK2


Question / Problem: 

The Panasonic KV-S1057C and the KV-S1057C MK2 have the same physical design and color scheme.  Both models have KV-S1057C printed on the front of the scanner.  How can a visual inspection of the scanner help determine whether it is the scanner is a KV-S1057C or a KV-S1057C MK2?

Answer / Solution: 

The Panasonic KV-S1057C and KV-S1057C MK2 scanners can be differentiated by the number and type of ports on the back of the scanner.  The KV-S1057C MK2 added a an RJ-45 Ethernet port (also known as a LAN port or simply a network port) that is not present on the original KV-S1057C.

When viewing the back of the scanner, each model contains the following ports along the lower edge in the order listed:

  • Panasonic KV-S1057C:
    USB 3.0 | C14 Power
  • Panasonic KV-S1057C MK2:
    RJ-45 Ethernet | USB 3.0 | C14 Power


Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 5.1.1