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Fujitsu fi-6000ZLA series Compatibility


Question / Problem: 

Are the Fujitsu fi-6000ZLA series scanners certified for use with any version of Kofax VRS?

Answer / Solution: 

The Fujitsu fi-6000ZLA series scanners are not generally available scanner models. The LA models are offered by Fujitsu for business customizations and all sales must be approved by Fujitsu. The firmware and drivers are different than the generally available fi-6000Z (non-LA) models.  Therefore, the fi-6000ZLA scanners are not certified for use with Kofax VRS.

Scanner models in the fi-6000ZLA series include:

  • fi-6140ZLA / fi-6240ZLA
  • fi-6135ZLA / fi-6235ZLA
  • fi-6130ZLA / fi-6230ZLA
  • fi-6125ZLA / fi-6225ZLA
  • fi-6120ZLA /fi-6220ZLA


Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 4.5