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Multifeed Settings for Fujitsu fi-5950 Scanners


Question / Problem: 

How to change the Multifeed settings on a Fujitsu fi-5950 scanner

Answer / Solution: 

The properties and functions for Fujitsu scanners (including Multifeed settings) can be modified using a Fujitsu application named the Software Operation Panel (SOP). The SOP is typically bundled with the Fujitsu TWAIN drivers and can be downloaded from the Fujitsu Web site.

To change the Multifeed Detection settings on a Fujtisu fi-5950 scanner:

  1. Connect the scanner via either the native or Hardware VRS port and power the scanner on.
  2. Navigate to Start ¦ Programs ¦ Scanner Utility for Microsoft Windows ¦ Software Operation Panel.
  3. Select the Device Setting 2 tab.
  4. Highlight Multifeed from the Device Setting Preferences column.
  5. Select one of the detection methods:
    • Deactivated — No Multifeed detection will be performed.
    • Check overlapping — Document overlapping will be monitored.
    • Check length difference — The difference of the documents' length will be monitored.
    • Check overlapping and length difference — Both the Check overlapping and Check length difference parameters will be used for monitoring the fed documents.
    • Length — When checking the document length, select the length difference (10/15/20 mm.) for which a Multifeed will be detected. If the detected document length is smaller than the selected size, it will be recognized as a Multifeed.
  6. Click OK when changes are made.
  7. When prompted to Write to EPRROM, click OK.


For detailed support on the SOP please contact Fujitsu Technical Support.


Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 5.1



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