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Skimmer Out of Service Error 360 when scanning with a BOWE BELL and HOWELL Ngenuity 9000 series scanner

QAID # 13377

QAID # 13377 Published

Question / Problem:

Attempting to scan with a BÖWE BELL & HOWELL Ngenuity 9000 series scanner produces one of the following errors:

-360 Skimmer out of service or Skimmer Out of Service (OOS) CDT030: Drop feeder skimmer to load the paper stack and scan..

Answer / Solution:

This error is produced by Ngenuity 9000 series scanners if the skimmer, or feeder roller assembly, is locked in the up position.

Another symptom of the skimmer being locked in the up position is that the feeder tray will not rise automatically when documents are loaded onto the feeder. The skimmer is held in this position by a magnet and can be easily released by applying downward pressure to the skimmer.

For more information about the skimmer, please see the Ngenuity Operator Manual.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 7.0 Scan
CAPTURE 7.5 Scan
CAPTURE 8.0 Scan
CAPTURE 9.0 Scan
Express 1.0 Scan
Express 1.1 Scan
Express 2.0 Scan
Express 2.5 Scan
VRS 4.1 Scanner
VRS 4.2 Scanner
VRS 4.5 Scanner
VRS Elite Scanner
Scanner Make Scanner Model
Böwe Bell & Howell Ngenuity 9090
Böwe Bell & Howell Ngenuity 9125
Böwe Bell & Howell Ngenuity 9150

Keywords: 9090, 9125, 9150