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Canon DR-X10C Scan Sources


Question / Problem: 

Which Canon DR-X10C scan sources are certified for use with Kofax VRS and how can they be configured?

Answer / Solution: 

The Canon DR-X10C scanner has up to two USB ports, but only one USB port and its driver is certified for use with Kofax VRS 5.x.  Matching the correct USB port to the correct driver and scan source is critical for properly configuring the scanner for use with Kofax VRS.


Hardware VRS (HVRS) Port

In the upper half of the left side of the scanner,  the DR-X10C scanner has a third-party card slot with a Hardware VRS board (also known as an HVRS or CGA board) installed.  When the scanner is connected using the USB port on HVRS board, Windows Device Manager will recognize the scanner as a Kofax Canon USB Device and the Canon DR-X10C scan source should be set as the Default scan source in the Kofax VRS Administration Console's Scanner Configuration screen.  The Hardware VRS port uses proprietary drivers that are installed automatically by the Kofax VRS installer.

Native Port - NOT Certified

In lower half of the left side, below the third party slot, is the DR-X10C scanner's native USB port.   When the scanner is connected using its Native USB port, the Hardware VRS board is not utilized and Windows Device Manager recognizes the scanner as Canon DR-X10C.  Kofax has not certified the Native USB port or any of its drivers for use with Kofax VRS.  To use this scanner in a certified configuration, connect the scanner using its HVRS port.


Certified Scan Source USB Port Device Manager Driver OEM licensing
Canon DR-X10C HVRS (upper left corner) Kofax Canon USB Device HVRS Driver (installed with Kofax VRS) YES



Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 5.1