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Color and Grayscale TIFF files saved with different compression formats when scanning with VRS 4.5


QAID # 15914 Published

Question / Problem:

When scanning with Kofax VRS 4.5, why are random files being saved with different compression formats, resulting in images that cannot be opened in the viewing application?

Answer / Solution:

It has been observed in these cases that the Kofax200.ini file is not providing default information to use as a reference point for compression format information.

Kofax VRS reads the setting from the [Default] section of the Kofax200.ini file. In some cases, the TIFF_JPEG_Style is not present under the [Default] section which causes VRS to revert back to the default TIFF format, or in some cases, a format other than the default TIFF format.

To resolve the problem, add a line under the [Default] section of the Kofax200.ini file:

TIFF_JPEG_Style=1 //Default

This will default all scanned images to use the Kofax Classic default compression method.

If another compression method is needed, use the following options:

TIFF_JPEG_Style=0 //TIFF 6
(for TIFF 6 style)

(for Technote2 style)

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 4.5