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File Import Source Configuration in VRS 4.5 SCU


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Question / Problem:

How do I create an import source in Scanner Configuration Utility (SCU) with VRS 4.5?

Answer / Solution:

To configure a File Import source in VRS 4.5 using the SCU:

  1. Open the Scanner Configuration Utility. The utility can be accessed by going to the Control Panel and double clicking on the KSM icon, or by going to Start ¦ Programs ¦ Kofax VRS ¦ Scanner Configuration Utility.
  2. On the ‘Available Image Devices’ screen, scroll to the bottom of the list and expand the Other folder, then highlight the File Import option.
  3. Select the Configure Sources button.
  4. On the Configure Sources for File Import dialog box, click the Create Standard Sources button, then select the default import source using the Set Device Default Source button.
  5. Use the Close buttons to exit the utility.

Two file import sources will now be listed: My Kofax File Import with AIPE and My Kofax File Import without AIPE.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 4.5
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