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Reset VRS Default Settings in Kofax VRS 5.x


Question / Problem: 

How to Reset the VRS Settings to Default in Kofax VRS 5.x

Answer / Solution: 

Resetting the VRS Defaults will reset the settings pushed down to the scanner to the default settings.  These settings allow the scanner to produce an image that gives VRS the best opportunity to clean up.  Resetting VRS Defaults also resets the Default settings VRS Profile to its default settings.

To reset the VRS Default Settings:

  1. Navigate to C:\Windows
  2. Rename SetScan.ini to SetScan.old
  3. Open the VRS Administration Console (\ImgCtls\bin\VRSAdministrationConsole.exe)
  4. Select Scanner Configuration from the menu on the left
  5. Select the Default Scanner from the Scanner List and click Configure Sources
  6. Note which source is selected as the Default Scan Source (indicated by the checkmark)
  7. Select each source and click Delete.  Repeat until all sources have been deleted.
  8. Click Create Standard Sources
  9. Select the newly created source that had previously been marked as default and click Set Device Default Source
  10. Click Close
  11. In the Scanner Configuration screen, click Refresh
  12. Click Restore Defaults
  13. Close the VRS Administration Console


Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS 5.1



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