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Upgrade a VRS 5.x client to 5.1.2 without affecting the connection to the server


Question / Problem: 

How can VRS 5.x client be upgraded without affecting the connection to the server?

Answer / Solution: 

In order to upgrade a VRS client to a new version please follow steps below:

  1. Download and run the VRS 5.1.2.x setup.exe from the downloaded media folder (
  2. When prompted by the installer select: "Stand alone" and continue with the prompts until the upgrade installation has been completed. clipboard_eecf6084fd5edfa0596f43975b493570a.png
  3. After the upgrade has been completed, the Server Name needs to be manually updated in the following file:
  4. Open Kofaxreg.xml in a text editor such as Notepad and locate the following line:
  5. Add the hostname, IP Address, or Fully Qualified Domain Name of the server that hosts the server installation of Kofax VRS.:
  6. Save the changes to KofaxReg.xml
  7. Launch VCDemo and load a scan source to confirm that the client is connecting to the server and is granted the license.   


Important note:

VRS 5.1.2 uses newer classification library than VRS  5.1.1 and 5.1.  So, DO NOT publish 5.1.2 client profiles to VRS 5.1.0 or VRS 5.1.1 server.

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
VRS 5.1 Server/Client
VRS 5.1.1 Server/Client
VRS 5.1.2 Server/Client