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Auto Rotate Chooses Wrong Orientation when Text on Page in Multiple Directions

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When scanning images that contain sections of text that are oriented differently from other sections of text (such as a fax where the body of text is Landscape and the fax header is Portrait), Auto Rotate rotates the image based on the wrong section of text.  Is there a way to filter which text is analyzed by the Auto Rotate feature?



Kofax VRS Auto Rotation scans the page and bases the rotation on the orientation of the first 8 unambiguous characters that it finds. It is often the case that text whose orientation differs from that of the main body of text on the page exists close the edges of the page (such as in the case of a fax header/footer).  Auto Rotation is more likely to rotate the image based on the text closest to the edges of the image instead of the main body of text located further away from the edges of the image.


Unambiguous characters are those letters or numbers that can only have one correct orientation and that cannot be confused for other characters at other orientations.  Such characters include Q, R, r, T, t, I, F, f, G, K, k, 4.  

Ambiguous characters are those that look the same when rotated 180 degrees (such as Z, S, s, H, N, C, c, X, x, Z, z, O, o, 8, 0) or that could be confused as being another character when rotated (such as M, W, d, p, q, b, u, n, E, 3, 6, 9)



Kofax VRS 5.2 added functionality that allows Auto Rotation to ignore a defined margin from the edges of the page so that it bases its determination of the correct page orientation based on the text closer to the center of the page.


To define the margin which will be ignored by Auto Rotation for the purposes of determining the correct orientation of the image:

  1. Close all applications and/or services that use VRS/ImageControls
  2. Install VRS 5.2 or higher
  3. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Kofax\Vrs
  4. Open KofaxReg.xml in a text editor such as Notepad
  5. Locate the IGNORECAORIENTBORDER value, which is located in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section
                            <HWERRORS Value="1" Type="integer" />
                            <STOPMODE Value="1" Type="integer" />
                            <ELEVATELICENSE Value="None" />
                            <IGNORECAPTURELICENSE Value="0" Type="integer" />
                            <LEGACYBCLICENSE Value="0" Type="integer" />
                            <PERFORMHOSTSMOOTHING Value="0" Type="integer" />
                            <UPGRADECAPTURELICENSE Value="0" Type="integer" />
                            <IGNOREAORIENTBORDER Value="0" Type="integer" />

  6. Set the IGNOREAORIENTBORDER value to a value between 0 and 80 where the value is a percentage of the distance between the edge of the page and the center of the page.
    <IGNOREAORIENTBORDER Value="10" Type="integer" />
    Note-Icon.png The value defined applies to all four sides of the image.  The margin should be wide enough to include the text to be ignored, but small enough to allow Auto Rotate to find at least 8 unambiguous characters of text at the intended orientation.
  7. Save the changes to KofaxReg.xml
  8. Restart any applications and/or services that use VRS / ImageControls.


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Kofax VRS 5.2 ALL ALL N/A





Article # 3035664