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Bar Code Recognition Testing using VCDemo

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How can I determine if bar codes are being read by Kofax?


Bar codes can be tested by using the VCDemo utility.

  1. Open VCDemo and load the scan source (Source ¦ Scanner ¦ OK).
    Note-Icon.png NOTE: The scan source must include "with AIPE" or "with Image Controls"
  2. Open the Analysis Window (View ¦ Analysis Window).
  3. Open the Bar Code Properties window (Imaging ¦ Bar Code Properties), and:
    • Check (set/select) the box for "Enable" in the upper left hand corner under Recognition.
    • Check the box for Any Width under Bar Size.
    • Check the boxes for 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° under Search Direction.
    • At the bottom of the window under Type, select the type of bar code to be read (in the Available box) and put into the In Use box with the Add button.
    • Click OK to close the Bar Code Properties window.
  4. Insert a single page with the bar code into the scanner. Click on Source, then Process Image to scan a single bar code page.
  5. In the Analysis window, scroll down to "Bar Code Detect: True"
  6. "Bar Code Cnt: " will display the number of bar codes read on the page.
    “Bar Code:” will display the value of the bar code.
    “Bar Code Type:” will display the type of the bar code.
    “Bar Code Pos:” will display the position of the bar code on the page.
    Note-Icon.png NOTE: If there is more than one bar code on the page, a “1:”, “2:”, “3:”, etc. will be in front of the above bar code information fields to indicate which bar code the information is for.
  7. If the bar code is read correctly in VCDemo, the Kofax software is operating properly.

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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax VRS 5.2


KSC Article VRS Test Application aka VCDemo: VRS__Scanning_Apps/New_Articles/VRS_Test_Application_aka_VCDemo


Article # 3034068