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Basic License Level Reported in Canon OEM VRS Admin Console with DR-G2140 DR-G2110 DR-G2090 DR-M260

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Why does the Effective license level show as "Basic" when loading a Canon DR-G2140 (US), DR-G2110 (US), DR-G2090 (US), or DR-M260 (US) scan source in Canon OEM VRS



An OEM version of VRS will apply the license level that a scan source is qualified to receive at runtime when the scan source is loaded.  Since no scan source is loaded in the VRS Administration Console, Canon OEM VRS will display a Basic license in the Administration Console's About screen, even when a scanner that qualifies for a Professional license (such as the DR-G2140 with a US serial number) is selected as the default scan source.  



To confirm that a scanner that qualifies for an OEM VRS 5.x Professional license is receiving an OEM VRS 5.x Professional license:

  1. In the VRS Administration Console | About screen, confirm that the version number is Canon  
  2. Confirm that the scanner qualifies for Canon OEM Professional licensing per the Knowledge Base article: Canon Scanners that Qualify for OEM Licensing from Canon OEM VRS
  3. Confirm that the scanner has a US serial number (the third character in a US serial number will be the number 3)
  4. In VCDemo, load the scanner "with SVRS with AIPE"
  5. The first confirmation that an OEM Professional license was applied is that the scan source "with SVRS with AIPE" will load without any licensing errors regarding since AIPE features are not included in the Basic feature set.
  6. In the Source menu, select Advanced Properties
  7. In the VRS Interactive Viewer, if an OEM Professional license is applied, Professional features such as Auto Rotation and Blank Page Deletion will not be not grayed out.


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Canon OEM VRS 5.1.1 DR-G2090


Article # 3042495
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