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Configuration and licensing question for connected workstation without KCN

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How to license new scanners with Kofax Capture and VRS, if I only have VRS 4.5 licenses.


VRS 4.5 is not longer a supported version and it has never been certified to be installed on Windows 10.

Option 1.- Standalone License

It is recommended to acquire new VRS Standalone licenses for current supported version VRS 5.x (Please note Kofax Capture 11.0 Installs VRS and KC 11.1 installs with VRS 5.2.4 both versions support the mentioned Kodak scanners and windows 10)

Once the scanner selection decision is completed, please make sure to check what license is needed based on the Scanner make and model for each station that will be used with the scanner. See

  • Kodak i4250 requires a Workgroup level license
  • Kodak i4850 requires a Production level license

Option 2- Add VRS Elite to Kofax Capture License

Kofax VRS Elite licenses can be added to be available on demand to the current Kofax Capture License. To explore this option please contact your Kofax Reseller or Kofax Sales Account Manager.

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VRS 5.2      


Article # 3032263
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