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Kofax Express crashes reserving Fujitsu fi-7K series

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Kofax Express just closes one the Fujitsu fi-7K series is selected.

The Windows events points on  "MSVCR100.dll", how can we resolve this issue?



Please proceed with bellow recommendations.

1-Please go into Windows programs and un-install all the Fujitsu "Scanner Central Admin Agent", "PaperStream IP (ISIS) for fi-71xx/72xx", "Software Operational Panel", so the all Fujitsu related must be completely un-installed.

2- Download and install >

Note: Install both x86 and x64 versions.

3- Download and re-install the Fujitsu Paper Stream IP ISIS driver package 3.0.2

4-Proceed with a test.

If the crash still occurs, please collect dump files using procdum as below and share results with Kofax Technical Support.

Steps to capture dump files:

- Create C:\Temp folder if it does not exist

-Download the ProcDump from Microsoft website at and save to C:\Temp folder.

- Right click on the downloaded, and select Properties, Click to the check box Unblock, Apply and then OK.

- Extract to C:\Temp\ProcDump folder

- Create C:\Temp\DumpFiles folder

- Start CMD AS ADMINISTRATOR, and change directory to C:\Temp\ProcDump using "CD C:\Temp\ProcDump" command

- Run this command "procdump.exe -i C:\Temp\DumpFiles -ma" to register just-in-time debugger to the system. Be sure to use the PROCDUMP.EXE to capture Express dump files, not to use procdump64.exe or procdump64a.exe as these produce 64bit dump files while Express is an 32bit application.

- Reproduce the issue and monitor that Express dump files are written to C:\Temp\DumpFiles folder.

- Once the issue is reproduced, run this command to unregister the just-in-time debugger "procdump.exe -u"

ProcDump - Windows Sysinternals

This command-line utility is aimed at capturing process dumps of otherwise difficult to isolate and reproduce CPU spikes.


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KXP 3.2


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Article # 3040412
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