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License Does not Include Image Processing Error 20451 Loading HP Scanjet 7000 s3 with HP OEM VRS 5.1

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The following error occurs when attempting to load an HP Scanjet 7000 s3 using HP OEM VRS in a third-party scanning application:

20451 - License does not include image processing.  Please select another source.



This issue may occur if the HP OEM VRS fails to apply a Desktop-level HP OEM VRS 5.x Professional license to the HP 7000 s3 scan source.



To resolve this issue, download and install HP OEM VRS from HP's website:  

  1. Go to HP's site:
  2. How to Step 2:  Under Software downloads download
  3. Verify correct license is seen (Desktop)


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
HP OEM VRS 5.1 ALL HP Scanjet 7000 s3


Article # 3033118