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License Does not Include Image Processing Error 20451 Loading HP Scanjet 7000 s3 with HP OEM VRS 5.1

Article # 3033118 - Page views: 28

Article # 3033118 - Page views: 28


The following error occurs when attempting to load an HP Scanjet 7000 s3 using HP OEM VRS in a third-party scanning application:

20451 - License does not include image processing.  Please select another source.



This issue may occur if the HP OEM VRS fails to apply a Desktop-level HP OEM VRS 5.x Professional license to the HP 7000 s3 scan source.



To resolve this issue, download and install HP OEM VRS from HP's website:  

  1. Go to HP's site:
  2. How to Step 2:  Under Software downloads download
  3. Verify correct license is seen (Desktop)


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
HP OEM VRS 5.1 ALL HP Scanjet 7000 s3