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Unable to Contact License Server Error During License Activation or Deactivation

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Attempts to activate or deactivate a Kofax VRS Elite license result in the following error:

Unable to contact license server. The remote name could not be resolved:



When a standalone installation of Kofax VRS Elite tries to automatically activate or deactivate a license, it needs to contact the Kofax licensing server via the Internet.

If there is any problem reaching the licensing server, the above referenced error message will occur. If the PC in question has no Internet connectivity or if the PC cannot reach the licensing server due to a proxy or other software/hardware restrictions, the error will occur.

If the reason the error is occurring cannot be resolved, then a manual activation or deactivation of the Kofax VRS Elite license can be performed.



To manually deactivate a Kofax VRS Elite license, please see Knowledge Base article Deactivate a VRS Elite license without an Internet connection

To manually activate a Kofax VRS Elite license, please see Manually activate a Kofax VRS Elite license.


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Kofax VRS 4.5


Article # 3032618