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Blank Page Deletion removing pages containing light gray text


Question / Problem: 

A light color image is being deleted with "Blank Page Deletion" enabled in VRS.

Answer / Solution: 

As a solution to this the following steps may be followed.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Navigate to to %ProgramData%\Kofax\Vrs\
  2. Back up the KPMVRSDF.ini file and save the backup copy to another location (not under %ProgramData%)
  3. Download KPMVRSDF.txt and save it to %ProgramData%\Kofax\Vrs\
  4. Rename KPMVRSDF.txt to KPMVRSDF.ini
  5. Run VCDemo.exe
  6. Select Scanner from the Source menu and load a scan source "with SVRS" or "with VRS"
  7. Right-click the VRS System Tray Icon, and under Adjust Quality, select on Every Page
  8. Use the Scan All button to scan a test page that contains light gray text
  9. In the VRS Interactive Viewer's Blank Page section, enable Delete and click Settings
  10.  In the Blank Page Settings window, enable Ignore Holes
  11. Adjust the Content Sensitivity slider until the Page Detected as Blank warning disappears
  12. Save the changes to either the current VRS Profile or a new VRS Profile.
  13. Click OK to close the VRS Interactive Viewer
  14. Once scanning is complete, right-click the VRS System Tray Icon, and under Adjust Quality, select either on Warnings or Never


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Applies to:  

Product Version
VRS  5.1.2