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Blank Page not deleted when scanning a Single Page in Duplex Mode with Blank Page Deletion enabled


Question / Problem: 

When Scanning a Single Page in Duplex Mode with Blank Page Deletion enabled, Kofax VRS does not delete a detected blank page.

Answer / Solution: 

When scanning in Single Page Mode, the expectation is that the scan operator knows what is on both sides of the page and will scan in simplex or duplex accordingly.  Therefore, Single Page scanning assumes that if the scan operator selects duplex mode, they want the images from both sides of the page, or else they would have selected simplex mode.  

Scanning in Multipage (or Batch) Mode adds an element of uncertainty.  Some pages may have data on one side while other pages may have data on both sides.  Therefore the scan operator must scan all the pages in duplex mode to ensure that they collect the data from images regardless of the side of the page on which the data exists.  The Kofax VRS Blank Page Deletion feature was designed for this use case.  It examines all the images received from the scanner and deletes those images that are determined to be blank.

Due to the expectations of Single Page Mode scanning, Kofax VRS will detect blank pages when scanning in Single Page Mode, but it will not delete the blank page.  Kofax VRS will only delete blank pages when scanning in Multipage/Batch Mode.  This is the expected behavior and is considered to be "as-designed". 


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
VRS 4.5 VRS Features
VRS 5.1 VRS Features
VRS 5.1.1 VRS Features
VRS 5.1.2 VRS Features