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Maximum angle of image skew that the Kofax VRS Deskew feature will correct


Question / Problem: 

What is the maximum angle of skew of an image that the Kofax VRS / ImageControls Deskew function will correct?

Answer / Solution: 

The Kofax VRS / ImageControls Deskew function is optimized to deskew images up to 12 degrees.

Kofax VRS / Image Controls Deskew with skewed images over 12 degrees could create unexpected results.

The results are also variable depending on if you are using deskew by edges, content or both options.  Lines on the sides of the page can also affect the results of auto deskew.




Applies to:  

Product Version Category
VRS 4.5 Deskew
VRS 5.1 Deskew
VRS 5.1.1 Deskew
VRS 5.1.2 Deskew