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Invalid pointer detected error when performing QC Later after upgrade to Kofax VRS 5.x


QAID # 14353 Published

Question / Problem:

If there are images marked eligible for QC Later in the Kofax Capture workflow and VRS is upgraded to Kofax VRS Elite, attempt to perform the QC Later function to these images will result in the error message:

Invalid pointer detected.

Answer / Solution:

This behavior can occur if the VRS version is upgraded to Kofax VRS Elite while there are still images marked for QC Later in the Kofax Capture workflow.

If the Kofax Capture software is installed in a client/server configuration, the recommendation is to complete the QC Later function for all Batches on a Kofax Capture client workstation which has NOT been upgraded to Kofax VRS Elite.

To avoid this issue, it is recommended that all Batches needing QC Later be processed before upgrading to Kofax VRS Elite.

This issue has been documented in the Software Problem Report (SPR) 85869.

Applies to:

Product Version
VRS 5.0
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