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Kofax VRS 5.1.2 Downloads

This page contains a list of all the available Kofax VRS 5.1.2 Downloads.

VRS 5.1.2 (5.1 with Service Pack 2) Currently Available Downloads 






Product Release(s)

A representative from your company must register on the Kofax Fulfillment Site ( to download the product.

  • New customers will receive an email from Kofax after their product's purchase. The email will contain a serial number to use when registering on the Kofax Fulfillment Site. Registration provides customers with the credentials needed to download their product.
  • If you are an existing, registered customer, log in to the Kofax Fulfillment Site to download your product.
Description Release Date Download
Kofax VRS 5.1.2 (5.1 with Service Pack 2)  November 28, 2018 This product is available for download from the Kofax Fulfillment Site

Fix Pack/Fix Release(s)

Fix Pack releases include all fixes contained in all previous Fixes Packs and Fixes up to that Fix Pack release. For details regarding what the Fix Pack resolves and its installation instructions, please refer to the Fix Pack ReadMe file located in the zip file.

Description Release Date Download
Kofax VRS (5.1 with Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 3)   June 20, 2019 Download - 16.7 MB

Component Installer Release(s)

Require Kofax VRS Elite 5.1.2 (Elite, 5.1.1, Service Pack 2)  These component installers can be installed after the Kofax VRS Elite 5.1.2 (Elite, 5.1.2, Service Pack 2) product has been installed on your PC.  To install the generic language scanner driver, simply run the executable file on your Kofax VRS Elite 5.1.2 (5.1, Service Pack 2) system.


Description Release Date Download
Alaris E1025 March 04, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB
Alaris E1035 March 20, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB


Description Release Date Download
Avision AD230U 06/18/19 Download - 4.96 MB
Avision AD240U 06/18/19 Download - 4.97 MB


Description Release Date Download
Epson DS-870 April 26, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB
Epson DS-970 April 26, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB


Description Release Date Download
Fujitsu fi-7300NX January 31, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB


Description Release Date Download
Panasonic KV-SL1035 MK2 February 27, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB
Panasonic KV-SL1036 MK2 February 27, 2019 Download - 4.97 MB
Panasonic KV-SL1055 MK2 February 27, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB
Panasonic KV-SL1056 MK2 February 27, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB
Panasonic KV-SL1066 MK2 February 27, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB
Panasonic KV-SL1077 MK2 July 11, 2019 Download - 4.96 MB

Utilities, Samples, Etc.

Description Release Date Download
Adaptec Windows ASPI drivers (version 4.71.2 for Windows 98, NT 4, ME, 2000 and XP) As of September 17, 2018 Link
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