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Kofax VRS 5.2.0 Downloads

This page contains a list of all the available Kofax VRS 5.2 Downloads.

VRS 5.2.0 Currently Available Downloads 




Product Release(s)

A representative from your company must register on the Kofax Fulfillment Site ( to download the product.

  • New customers will receive an email from Kofax after their product's purchase. The email will contain a serial number to use when registering on the Kofax Fulfillment Site. Registration provides customers with the credentials needed to download their product.
  • If you are an existing, registered customer, log in to the Kofax Fulfillment Site to download your product.
Description Release Date Download
Kofax VRS 5.2.0 (5.2, Initial Release)  March 19, 2020 This product is available for download from the Kofax Fulfillment Site

Component Installer Release(s)

Requires Kofax VRS Elite 5.2 (Elite, 5.2, No Service Pack)  These component installers can be installed after the Kofax VRS Elite 5.2.0 (Elite, 5.2, No Service Pack) product has been installed on your PC.  To install the generic language scanner driver, simply run the executable file on your Kofax VRS Elite 5.2 (Elite, 5.2, No Service Pack) system.


Description Release Date Download
Panasonic KV-S5078Y May 14, 2020 Download - 4.86 MB


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