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Canon Scanners that Qualify for OEM licensing from Canon OEM VRS

New KCS Article # 3033038



Question / Problem:

Which model Canon Scanners qualify for OEM licensing from Canon OEM VRS

Answer / Solution:

Canon OEM VRS will automatically apply Canon OEM VRS 5.x licensing when one of the following Canon ImageRunner scanner models is selected as the VRS-certified scan source:

  • DR-2510C
  • DR-2580C
  • DR-3010C
  • DR-4010C
  • DR-5010C
  • DR-6010C
  • DR-6030C
  • DR-6050C
  • DR-7090C
  • DR-7550C
  • DR-7580
  • DR-9050C
  • DR-C130
  • DR-C240
  • DR-G1100
  • DR-G1130
  • DR-M140
  • DR-M160
  • DR-M160II
  • DR-M260
  • DR-M1060
  • DR-X10C

The FSU101 flatbed unit is supported for use with the DR-C130, DR-M160, and DR-M160II scanners.


The FSU102 and FSU210 flatbed units are supported for use with the DR-C240 and DR-M260 scanners.

Applies to: 

Product Version Category
VRS-CANON 5.1.1 Licensing
VRS-CANON 5.1.1 Scanner Configuration