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Flatbed scans in a continuous loop with Fujitsu OEM VRS 5.0


QAID # 15204 Published

Question / Problem:

When scanning on the flatbed of a Fujitsu scanner with VRS 5.0 OEM – Fujitsu, the scanner scans in a continuous loop and the application has to be closed.

Answer / Solution:

This behavior is seen to occur in the Kofax VRS Test Console or the VRS Test Application / VCDemo when scanning in batch mode.

This behavior has been documented for the following Fujitsu scanner models:

  • fi-4340C
  • fi-6230
  • fi-6770

It is recommended to use single-page scanning mode when scanning on the flatbed of these devices. This issue has been documented as SPR 87095.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
VRS-FUJ 5.0 Scanner
Scanner Make Scanner Model
Fujitsu fi-4340C
Fujitsu fi-6230
Fujitsu fi-6770